June, 2019 Newsletter & Invite

You’re Invited
For an informational hooohaw
with Amanda Kirkpatrick
at the DV Park on Thursday,
June 27th, 2019 at 7pm
BYO beverage and chair…

and let’s hope the weather is kind!

Topic… the HOA Board of Directors, Voting Board Members, Consultants, & Volunteers.
• What do these titles mean?
• How do the decisions get made?
• Can I be a part of the Board?
• Is there a way to change the covenants?
• Or any other management questions you may have.

Why gather and talk?
The Annual HOA Meeting will be scheduled soon, most likely for late August. That meeting will include a vote for the open positions within the Board of Directors. If enough of the right people from your community step up, then the HOA can represent most of the neighborhood.

It’s up to you, but I suspect you have a ton of questions, thus the chit-chat.

Important to note:
I am NOT a voting board member. I have no power. Don’t bring gripes. I can’t help you. I’m only well informed 😊

None of the current Board Members will be attending… this is for open discussion and honest feedback for all.

-Amanda Kirkpatrick

Download the June 2019 Newsletter Here!

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